Ant Control Services

Black ants 2The rich farmland surrounding our Central Valley supports a thriving ecosystem that includes 270 species of ants. Most of them are native to California, and they all take advantage of urban settings here in Stanislaus County. Whether they’re invading your back yard, raiding the pantry or ruining commercial landscapes, Cornerstone Pest Management provides fast, effective ant control for Modesto homes and businesses.

Five Common Modesto Ants

The most common ant you’ll find in pantries goes by several names. Whether you call it odorous, coconut or stinky, this one-eighth inch, brownish black insect gives off a distinctive smell when crushed. Tiny thief ants are half the size of their odorous cousins, but these yellow pests are just as determined to raid your cabinets. Copper-colored fire ants tend to stick to the backyard where their colonies are often disrupted by much bigger and aggressive black Argentine ants. Carpenters are the largest ant species here in the Central Valley. The black insects measure 1 inch in length, and they’re easily identified by their oversized mandibles.

Problems Inside and Out

While both odorous and thief ants show up outside the house, they scout their way inside through small cracks in foundations and siding. They’re attracted to easy foraging in kitchen cabinets where tiny thief ants invade sealed food packages and containers. Both species expand their nests inside walls and crawl spaces. Fire ants ruin home and business landscapes with large mounds, and they inflict painful stings on people and pets. You’ll find Argentine and carpenter ants inside and out. The Argentines’ sheer numbers have a negative impact on beneficial insects while carpenters cause damage by tunneling through wood structures in residential and commercial settings.

The Cornerstone Difference

We stand apart from other Modesto pest control services by offering solutions customized to your property. Our ACE certification keeps us at the forefront of entomological innovations, and we use that industry knowledge to design treatments that quickly and effectively eliminate ant problems at your home or business. Our services include inspection, treatment and followup if necessary, but we often solve the problem with one visit. You set our schedule according to your timetable. We’re available seven days a week including weekends, and we always call or email to confirm our service visit and let you know that our technician will arrive promptly.

Cornerstone Pest Management proudly offers friendly, honest and professional pest control services that Modesto property owners know they can count on. Our ACE-certified technicians take care of homes and businesses throughout Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin counties, and we always deliver our specialized brand of personal customer care. When you have ant problems, we have solutions that work, so give our helpful staff a call today.