Ceres, CA Pest Control

Ceres, California – a sunny place for residents to enjoy the outdoors almost year-round. The grass is much greener here, and the skies are blue as far as your eyes can see. It doesn't seem like anything could ruin your experience living in this city in Northern California. Unfortunately, it only takes a few pests to send you scurrying back inside. Cornerstone Pest Management specializes in pest control and is here to keep your home free and clear of invasive insects.


Ants live together in great colonies with a hundred or more members, each one working together as a supportive group. The scouts regularly go out in search of food, water, and other places to expand the colony. This search sometimes leads them to residential homes, where they sneak in through cracks and sniff out crumbs and sweet liquids.

Whether it's carpenter ants destroying your deck or sugar ants forming lines along your countertops, we can eliminate the colony at the source. Our certified technicians will also take preventative action and keep the ants from reinfesting your home at a later date.


Some bee species are beneficial to humans, helping to pollinate crops and producing honey. Other species, such as the carpenter bee, burrow holes into wood fascia, deck railings, and fence posts. The holes bring down the value of your property and pose a threat to you, your children and pets. The female bees build their nests in the holes and become highly aggressive if you disturb them.

Our experienced team uses the appropriate treatments to eliminate carpenter bees from your property without harming beneficial insects. We'll inspect around your home for carpenter bee tunnels, treat the entire perimeter and set up a customized program to keep them from returning.


Wasps tend to build their nests in the least convenient places: right outside your door. If you ever see wasps circling around your patio ceiling, chances are they're looking for a place to build a nest. These insects are extremely aggressive if they feel threatened and will sting repeatedly, causing severe and potentially life-threatening reactions in people who are allergic to their stings.

We urge caution when trying to remove a nest on your own as the wasps can immediately attack. Even if you remove their nest, they may come back and rebuild it a few hours later. Our professional technicians can remove dangerous nests from around your property and treat a wasp infestation.

Professional Pest Control in Ceres

Contact Cornerstone Pest Management for a free quote and to schedule your inspection. Our technicians have the experience and the knowledge to handle ant, bee and wasp infestations. We can also create a routine program to keep these pests and others from infesting your property and threatening your family.