Cockroach Control Services

American Roach 2Modesto’s mild climate is just one of the things that attract people to the center of Stanislaus County. However, they are not the only ones who make their homes here as cockroaches and other pests have also headed to Modesto over the years. Perhaps you have some living with you now.

About Cockroaches

The cockroach species you will most likely come across are brown-banded, American, German and Oriental. The most common one is the German cockroach. These insects are about half an inch long, which is small for a cockroach, and tend to range in color from near-black to tan. Adult ones have wings but rarely fly while younger German cockroaches are wingless.

Brown-banded cockroaches tend to be slightly smaller than German ones while American and Oriental cockroaches are usually significantly larger than those two species.

Cockroaches, as are all types of animals and insects, are attracted to food and water sources, so make sure to clean your counters and floors on a regular basis and seal your food. Ensure that your pipes do not leak as well.

It also helps to close any openings to the outside world as insects such as these are known to enter through the tiniest cracks and then communicate the locations of those openings to others, resulting in a significant number of them moving in with you.

One reason why it is essential to contact a professional cockroach control service such as Cornerstone Pest Management is how quickly cockroaches can multiply. In fact, German cockroaches become reproductive within 50-60 days of being eggs themselves. Incredibly, 10,000 descendants can be created in a year.

Cockroaches should be eradicated from your home for several other reasons as well. For example, they can produce secretions that negatively affect the flavors of food, and they can carry various types of bacteria and viruses. Food poisoning and similar illnesses can result from cockroaches infecting your food.

Controlling Cockroaches

Cornerstone will help you find relief from any infestations of cockroaches or other pests that you experience. We understand how important it is to eradicate these insects as quickly as possible and ensure that the problem does not quickly multiply.

After you give us a call, we will determine what the best plan of action is before heading to your home and helping remove the unwanted occupants. We will also communicate any things we notice that we believe should change to ensure that you do not re-experience this issue in the future.

We will make sure to call and email you before the appointment time to ensure that we have up-to-date information on your situation and that our ACE-certified technicians are best prepared to handle your present situation.