Escalon, CA Pest Control

Located in warm, sunny California, Escalon is a small city with just over 7,000 residents. However, the community is surprisingly diverse. Indeed, it offers a great quality of life to people of all ages who want to be away from the hustle of southern California and who prefer to enjoy the natural beauty and more temperate climate of central California. The area also offers plenty of history, especially focused on the railroad era and the agricultural foundation of the community.

The weather in Escalon produces plenty of high temperatures in the summers and over 250 days of sunshine each year. With only 18 inches of rain most years, this is a dry climate, making it a perfect breeding ground for certain animal and insect pests. Wasps and stinging insects proliferate in the summer, and cockroaches, ants, spiders and other pests may try to make their ways indoors throughout the year, looking for more comfortable temperatures. Area homeowners and business owners must consider pest control services in order to keep their buildings clean, healthy, comfortable and welcoming.

Residential Pest Control

Cornerstone Pest Management offers residential pest control services throughout the area. Whether homeowners have already found pests in their homes, gardens or lawns or simply want to ensure that pests do not enter their properties, Cornerstone exterminators can create individualized treatment plans that are both safe and effective.

Pests in the home create unhealthy and unsafe living conditions, spreading disease and even creating itchy bites or rashes. Exterminators can quickly identify problematic pests and use products that are safe even for households with pets and children.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control is not just for residential areas. Pests in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, retail stores and other businesses can create unwelcoming environments and can drive away customers. Cornerstone can provide discreet services to protect buildings and eliminate unwelcome pests.

Pest Control Services Offered

Our experienced technicians can help you control many of the most irksome pests that are found in California. These pests can create plenty of damage if not treated immediately, and their populations can quickly skyrocket. However, with our help, you can remove or exterminate the following pests at your home or business.

Our professionals are familiar with the local area of Escalon and the surrounding communities. We live here too and know about the many pests that can get into backyards, ruin landscaping and infest homes and businesses. With our help, you can experience a comfortable home, an inviting business and a relaxing yard. Whether you need a one-time emergency treatment or a long-term pest control plan, contact Cornerstone Pest Management today to find out about our free service quote.