Manteca, CA, Pest Control

A few ants can start a new colony in your kitchen. A swarm of bees might land in your backyard, or rats could invade your garage. With its warm summers and Mediterranean climate, Manteca, California, supports a rich variety of plants and animals. Droughts and dry weather force insects and rodents to search for water and shelter. If they find these resources on your property, they'll come inside your house. Floods and heavy rains that displaced pests have increased the number of sightings and infestations as ants and rodents look for new homes.

Ant Control in Manteca

Just eight ant species cause problems in Manteca and the Central Valley, but ants are still the most common household pest in the area. Once they conquer your driveway and sidewalk, they'll invade your kitchen or bathroom in their search for food and water. First, you might see a few stragglers browsing your floors and countertops. These scouts are looking for snacks, and they'll let the rest of the colony know if they find anything. A few ants can start a serious infestation that continues to grow. Our certified entomologists have studied ants and insect control methods, so they know the best ways to manage different species, including pavement, pharaoh, Argentine and odorous house ants.

Bee Removal

Swarming bees and inconveniently located hives are a nuisance for most people and a danger for some folks who are allergic to the venom. If honeybees are busy on your property, our bee rescue team will carefully remove the hive. We will transport it to a location where the bees can be productive without disrupting your lifestyle. Due to declining bee populations and the large number of Africanized colonies in California, protecting our existing honeybees is more important than ever. Live bee rescue and relocation is our preferred method for addressing the bee species that are a valuable part of our ecosystem.

Rodent Control

At Cornerstone Pest Management, we help clients prevent and remove rodent infestations. Rats and mice enter through any type of crack or gap, so it's important to seal holes and secure the perimeter of your home or business. Eliminate sources of food, water, and shelter to make your property less appealing to potential invaders. Once preventive measures are taken, our experts will remove rats, mice and any other rodents that are active on your property. We use the most effective methods to permanently control rodent infestations and prevent future problems.

Our certified entomologists will develop a customized solution to solve your pest problems discreetly. We're available six days a week for one-time treatments and periodic inspections in Manteca and the greater Modesto area. Call Cornerstone Pest Management to request a free estimate for any of our pest control services.