Oakdale, CA Pest Control

Nestled in the San Joaquin Valley alongside the Stanislaus River, Oakdale, California, was founded in 1871. Today, agriculture and tourism are the economic engines that power this thriving city. With hot, dry summers, cool, rainy winters, rich soils and gorgeous scenery, it is a location perfectly suited to both of these enterprises and a setting that many residents delight in calling home. Unfortunately, the pleasant climate and ready availability of food and water also mean that several types of pests find this area incredibly desirable. What pests often try to invade Oakdale homes and businesses?


Despite their small stature, ants can cause big problems. Copper-colored fire ants are known for their painful stings, and while they tend to remain outside, they destroy lawns and landscaping with their nests. Argentine ants, a species of large, aggressive black ants, also have nesting habits that disrupt outdoor living spaces, and they sometimes venture inside to forage. Thief ants are tiny insects with a distinctive yellow hue. Odorous ants are larger, dark brown, and named for the strong smell they give off when crushed. Despite their physical differences, both of these ant species share a common goal. They are intent on invading homes and businesses to secure food for their colony. Both species will also happily nest inside walls and other hidden spaces. Although their nesting habits are troublesome, the behavior of carpenter ants is even more problematic. While these big, black ants don't actually eat wood, they do use their oversized mandibles to chew through it, damaging it as they construct their nests.


Like other animals, cockroaches are drawn to places where food and water are readily available, so kitchens, pantries and even leaky plumbing can prompt them to invade Oakdale residential and commercial properties. While there are more than 4,500 species of cockroaches, people in the Oakdale area are most like to encounter either American, German, Oriental or brown-banded cockroaches. The sight of even one cockroach demands immediate action because these insects reproduce with terrifying speed. In a single year, one cockroach can produce thousands of descendants. These pests can also pose a serious health threat to human. They can carry various bacteria and viruses, spreading food poisoning and other illnesses.


Quick-footed, clever and blessed with an uncanny ability to slip through spaces that seem too small for them, mice, rats and other rodents force their way into Oakdale homes and businesses in search of comfortable shelter and convenient access to food and water. With their large, continually growing teeth and fondness for gnawing, they can destroy insulation, woodwork and drywall. They can also create fire hazards by nibbling on electrical wiring as they build nests inside walls, between floors, and in other places humans rarely frequent. Since rodents can carry parasites and an assortment of viruses, their presence endangers human health. Direct contact is not necessary. Their efforts to secure food can contaminate it, setting the stage for illness. Even disturbing their nests or droppings can spread disease.

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