Spider Control

Spider in a Dew Covered WebBecause of their unique behavior and traits, spiders must be treated with different techniques than other insects. One of the best options is to use a trained entomologist to figure out the type of spider species. From that point, the entomologist can figure out the best way to remove it.

Ideally, the treatment process should involve the least amount of pesticides possible. Thankfully, there are chemical-free options that work over the long run. Depending on the species, the first step may be removing the physical eggs and spiders. To prevent spiders from getting into the home again, the next step is to seal any cracks in the home's structure. Each home is unique, so different treatment options are customized for each specific case.

The Dangers of Not Treating Spiders

At first, spiders seem like harmless visitors. They are natural predators that use webs to trap other pests. While this is an advantage to having them around, it also means that the presence of spiders is a sign that other pests are in the area as well. Worse still, a few spiders can quickly turn into a major infestation. A single female house spider can end up producing 1,600 eggs during her lifetime.

There are many types of spiders that can live within human structures. While house spiders are essentially harmless, some spiders can lead to severe illnesses and even death. If someone is allergic, a single bite can lead to thousands of dollars in hospital bills. To avoid bites, households need to get rid of spiders by sealing stored items like clothing. If clothes are left on the floor, shake them out before putting them on. In addition, individuals should keep their beds away from any walls or curtains to prevent brown recluse spiders from crawling into their bedding.

Advantages of Getting Spider Control Services

One of the biggest reasons why people want spider control services is because they want a cleaner, nicer home. Cobwebs can appear overnight, and it takes constant work to remove them from cupboards or crawlspaces. By removing a spider infestation, homeowners and business owners can make cleaning their property a little easier.

By controlling the indoor spider population, people can also make sure that spiders remain outside of the home. This allows the spiders to trap other insects on the perimeter of the property, which can reduce the overall number of insects. Then, the spiders will spin their webs and capture insects at a safe distance from the home instead of cluttering up the inside of the property.

While most spiders are not lethal, some spiders can bite and cause physical damage. In addition, it is always possible that someone is severely allergic to a particular species. The best way to prevent physical harm is by stopping any bites from happening in the first place.

How Cornerstone Pest Management Can Help

If spiders are infesting your home, you do not have to put up with them forever. With the help of a certified entomological, you can quickly identify the species and figure out the best treatment options. Pest infestations tend to spiral out of control quickly, so it is important to treat these infestations before they become a major issue.

At Cornerstone Pest Management, you can get the pest management services you need to take care of any pest infestation. We offer residential and commercial services for clients in San Joaquin, Merced and Stanislaus counties. Call us today for a free quote and to learn more about how we can help you solve your pest problems.