Spider Control Services

Spider in a Dew Covered WebIf creepy crawlies give you the creeps, it's time to address the problem. Spiders are one of the most feared pests, but you don't have to be afraid of removing them. Whether you have a mild case of arachnophobia or have been putting up with these eight-legged pests because they might eat other bugs, we can develop an entomologist-approved treatment plan that will remove spiders once and for all.

Spider Basics

Modesto and the San Joaquin Valley are home to more than two dozen spider species. Some are found outdoors, and others prefer living inside homes. Tarantulas, black widows and recluses are a major source of worry, but the majority of spiders are either harmless or non-venomous.

Spiders are fairly easy to recognize with their round or oval bodies and eight legs. Identifying the specific species is a little more difficult. Spiders can be black, brown, yellow, green or multi-colored. Some are hairy, and others are shiny. Plus, male and female spiders have different appearances. Spiders also vary in size from less than one-half of an inch to more than 10 inches.

Spider Management

Due to their varied characteristics and behavior, spiders require specialized treatment strategies. At Cornerstone Pest Management, we employ an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) who has been accredited by the Entomological Society of America. This means that we can tell you everything about the pest, including where it lives, what it likes to have for dinner, why it's living inside your home and how it can be removed.

Small spiders that come in on houseplants and giant tarantulas that live behind furniture require different treatments. To minimize the use of pesticides that aren't always effective against spiders, we focus on implementing chemical-free solutions that provide long-term results. We can physically remove spiders and eggs and prevent pesky new arrivals from joining in by sealing cracks and gaps. Based on the type of infestation and your concerns, we will develop a customized plan for keeping spiders out of your home.

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If pests are affecting your time at home or at work, give us a call. Our certified entomologist and pest management experts are here to help you enjoy a pest-free life. Call our Modesto office today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our residential and commercial services. Remember that we'll call you or send an email before we arrive for appointments in Merced, San Joaquin or Stanislaus counties.