Stockton, CA Pest Control

A sunny day in Stockton gives you a reason to head outside and to enjoy some fresh air. Life in this part of California is great compared to the southern area since the cooler temperatures make life pleasant and bearable. Unfortunately, there's always something looking to put a damper on your fun. Ants, bees, and wasps can instantly ruin a picnic or casual time in your backyard. When these crawling and flying insects move in, Cornerstone Pest Management sends them packing.

Pest Problems in Stockton

Despite its location, Stockton still experiences warm temperatures in the summer, which brings out the pests in swarms. Though the pest population decreases toward the fall, it's the summertime when you have to worry the most about stinging and biting insects.


Ants wouldn't be such a problem if they'd only stay outdoors where they belong. However, these tiny insects make their way indoors to hunt for crumbs, sugary liquids, and leftover food on the counter. You also have to worry about the ants that stay outdoors since they'll bite you after climbing onto your feet and legs. We put an end to stubborn ant infestations indoors and out, targeting the colonies and eliminating the problem.


We believe in protecting the environment and helping our bee friends prosper and pollinate flowers and crops. However, some bees would rather burrow in your wood fascia and siding and cause unsightly holes. Carpenter bees hover and dive around windows and doors as they search for places to burrow and to create their nests. It's not the males that you have to worry about since they'll only hover in your face when threatened. The females, however, will sting you and protect their area at any cost. We'll eradicate annoying and destructive carpenter bees and protect your home from dust piles and ugly holes.


Wasps also cause problems for homeowners, especially those who may suffer an allergic reaction to a sting. These flying pests can become highly aggressive if you approach their nests, which they usually build on your porch ceiling or near your doors. Some wasp species like the yellow jacket build nests in the ground and will swarm if you accidentally step on or too close to their nest. Our pest control professionals will eliminate dangerous wasps around your home, keeping you and your family safe from their vicious stings.

Professional Pest Control in Stockton

Contact Cornerstone Pest Management for a free quote and further information about all of our fast, effective pest control services. We specialize in targeting and eliminating ants, bees, wasps and other invasive pests on sight. If these pests have made nests around your home, we'll treat the area and use preventative techniques to stop a reinfestation.