Tracy, CA Pest Control

Sunny days are the norm in Tracy, CA. However, because of the city's semi-arid subtropical climate, pests are here to stay, and they are a growing problem for both home and business owners. Tracy is home to a wide variety of pests. Bees, cockroaches, and ants are some of the common ones that you may come across.


California has approximately 1,000 bee species, and bumblebees are the predominant type. Most of the other species are solitary. In a colony, the queen and male drone bees are like the parents of the family; their primary role is to breed. The female worker bees, on the other hand, do the majority of the legwork. They gather food, take care of the larvae and defend their hives. Female worker bees are the ones that have a stinger, and they typically become aggressive when they feel threatened or when their hive is tampered with in any way.

Keep this in mind, and do not put yourself at risk by confronting your bee problem on your own. The safest course of action is to hire a professional pest exterminator who serves the Tracy area.


Cockroaches are nasty insects that can quickly ruin your clean indoor environment. They come out of their hideout and search for food mainly at night, but if you have an infestation problem, chances are you will see the critters running around during the day. Their favorite places are the basement, the kitchen, and the pantry. However, cockroaches will invade any place that provides food, clutter, and a warm shelter. Cockroaches have the ability to spread bacteria throughout your home, and they can cause your allergies to flare up.

You can put up a good fight against cockroaches by using an insecticide that is proven to be effective. To eliminate an infestation once and for all, it may be in your best interest to leave the job to a professional pest exterminator.


In California, there are approximately 270 ant species. Argentine and carpenter ants are perhaps the most troublesome species. They cause problems for home and business owners. Due to the fact that ants are omnivores, you will likely see pieces of plants and table food in the area where they mostly travel. You may also notice a minor degree of damage to your property; it depends on which ant colony is the culprit.

If you do anything to their nest or get too close to them, you run the risk of becoming a victim. Ants are able to attack humans and pets in a number of ways. Some species will use their stinger or mandibles to bite, and some species will use both parts when they are in danger. Woodland ants have the ability to spray formic acid on their victim. To protect yourself, your children and your four-legged companions, do not hesitate to turn to a professional pest exterminator.

The Best Method for Combating Pests

As a home or business owner in Tracy, CA, you have to take some precautionary measures to maintain a pest-free indoor environment. When uninvited visitors find a way into your home, you do not have to worry because we are only a phone call away. Contact Cornerstone Pest Management today to get an estimate or more information on our pest control services.