Turlock, CA Pest Control

If you live in Stanislaus County, you know how difficult pests like rats, termites and bed bugs can be to eliminate for good. Thanks to the hot summers and wet, mild winters of central California, Turlock residents face a never-ending struggle against pests. Unfortunately, finding the best way to curb pest infestations is easier said than done.

At Cornerstone Pest Management, we take great pride in helping home and business owners give pests of all kinds the boot. Cornerstone Pest Management provides pest control services in Turlock and throughout the greater Modesto area at prices that anyone can afford. Here are just a few of our areas of comprehensive pest control expertise.

Bees and Wasps

Insects like bees and wasps that build nests love to set up shop under the eaves of residential and commercial structures in Turlock, CA. Large swarms of bees and wasps will sting humans when provoked and make life a nightmare for residential and commercial occupants. Furthermore, carpenter bees can actually cause structural damage if they're allowed to take hold.

Cornerstone Pest Management has years of experience dealing with tenacious bee and wasp infestations in a variety of buildings. Our Associate Certified Entomologists will quickly diagnose your insect problems and devise long-term solutions that last. When dealing with bees and wasps, we use only the safest pesticides available to ensure the health of our clients.


Despite the dry conditions found around Turlock, cockroaches are a big problem for many local homeowners. That's because droughts cause them to seek out water where they can find it around your yard. If they show up in large numbers, they can make any house practically unlivable. Cockroaches can also spread diseases, thereby posing a serious threat to your health.

If cockroaches appear suddenly, the smart play is to nip the problem in the bud by calling Cornerstone Pest Management. We'll take aggressive action to kill off cockroach infestations with effective pesticides before robust colonies can establish themselves. We leave no stone undisturbed when it comes to tracking down the sources of the problem and eliminating them.


Rats and mice are troublesome for a few key reasons. For one, they are highly effective delivery vehicles for a host of diseases that can be potentially fatal. What's more, they often cause property damage by chewing through exterior siding and electrical wiring. Keeping rodents out of the house should be a primary concern for any homeowner.

Cornerstone Pest Management grabs the bull by the horns when rodents are a problem in any house or business we serve. We tailor our approach to rodent eradication based on the circumstances on the scene and use safe but cutting-edge tactics to deal with the issue. Our pest control solutions will make short work of rodents without breaking the bank.

Cornerstone Pest Management

If you're at your wit's end due to dealing with pests, the technicians at Cornerstone Pest Management can deliver a surefire remedy. We pride ourselves on making everyday life a pest-free experience for Turlock residents of all stripes, as well as many other communities within our service area. When pests are the problem, Cornerstone Pest Management is the cure.